Rainbow of cups

If art is about self expression, it must also be about self discovery.

I discovered some things with this photo today, which appeared on my other blog (all photos, no writing).  An individual who leaves a comment now and again left one today that suggested I do something different to my photo.  (Crop out the window to highlight the grain of the wood against the color of the cups and showcase the dynamic contrast).

Although I am quite certain most people don’t notice my photos and, moreover, might not even like my photos, any posts or emails I might get as a result are generally not critical (and I don’t think Curly was trying to be critical–he was just making a suggestion).

So I tried it.  The crop.  But I didn’t like it.  So, I not only found out I like it better with the window in the photo, but–I discovered that my self-expression really is my self-expression.  I didn’t really notice dynamic contrast.  I liked the pretty cups (lol).  And I love the bright sun glimmering through the window, regardless of the horrid things it did to my histogram.  I don’t care that the focus is somewhere in the back two rows.

I just like my pretty cups and sunshine.

I discovered its okay if nobody else likes what my minds eye savors.  Its my memory of that day.  A cozy morning.  The warm cup of coffee, the sun shining through the window.  Five friends gathered for breakfast before hitting the hiking trail, joined for the morning by friendship, pretty cups and sunshine.