Old purple martin house


Behind my studio barn, there is an old purple martin house.  It was left behind by our home’s previous owners.  For the last couple of summers, I walk within eyesight and promise myself I will haul it out and refurbish it for spring.  And there it sits, another summer past.  It is too late now–last fall, I had a spare afternoon.  I started to lift the top and several mice, who’d taken up residence in the little interior cubbies, scurried about in fear the sky was opening upon them.  It was cold that day, foreshadowing for what was to come for the next several months.  Bleeding heart that I am, I placed the lid back down and hoped they stayed warm thru the winter.

Yes.  You read that right.  I placed the lid down and hoped the mice stayed warm through the winter.


There it sits again, waiting for another winter to pass (I didn’t even attempt to lift the lid this time.).  Maybe next spring, or perhaps on a fine summer day, I will take the house and do…something with it.  Refurbish it, rebuild it.  Repaint it.  Or perhaps it will remain a condominium for the furry little fiends who all but have a house number hanging on the side of the place.

This is the life of a procrastinator.  But at least it gave me something to photograph in the waning light.  And I hope the mice stay warm tonight.  Its supposed to be in the 40’s….