Angel watching over me

As I gaze from my office window, there hangs an angelic form.  A sun-catcher, given to us by friends when we moved in to our last home as part of our housewarming gift.  It’s travelled with me to our current home, ever-present in the window that I look out upon when pondering whatever I might be pondering at the moment.  She reminds me that I am not alone, never alone, not even for a moment.

There’s a saying amongst recovering folks:  “God watches over fools and drunks.”  In this regard, I am blessed in both ways and God either spends a lot of time watching over me or delegates it out to one of his many angels each day.  They’ve kept me out of trouble for years, even when I did everything I could, drank everything I could, smoked anything I could, to get myself in to trouble.  Fools and drunks.  Ah, good to have an identity.

Its many years since I’ve had a drink, now just a sober drunk.  I’m still a fool.  Thankfully, I keep the angels in business, full-time.  I am blessed, not lucky.  My little friend, however, will remain in my window to remind me that whatever happens to me  each day that is good…I had absolutely nothing to do with.

Good day to all.