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The gentleman hiker

A lighthearted photo to share on Saturday evening.

I am reading a memoir of two sisters who hiked the Appalachian Trail from North to South, and then turned around and walked it right back to Maine.  Even more interesting is that they walked quite a bit of it barefoot.  Much hardier stock than I and most of my hiking compadres.  Pictured here is one of our friends (“Ackie”), just having finished off a lovely breakfast of muffins and hot coffee at the lodge on top of Mt. Greylock, Mass.  Not exactly roughing it and, I guarantee you, none of us hike in our bare feet.  We do jokingly refer to this hiking style as, “gentleman hiking”, whereby one takes every opportunity to stop for good grub, a soft mattress and a shower when it presents itself.

To each his own, it still gets the job done 🙂

A good weekend to all.