In like a cardinal

Winter made her entrance this week, not so much like a lion in these parts, more like a lamb (or a cardinal, depending on your perspective).  I always find myself eagerly anticipating the first snows of winter, a signal that a nature-imposed slow down of the world around us is afoot.  It is as if we are given the opportunity in these parts to just stop and rest.  There are no lawns to cut, no weeds to kill, no paint to scrape.  Our commutes take a little longer and we leave for and return from our jobs in the dark. 

I resisted the winters when I was a younger woman.  There was no place in my world for slowness or peace.  I lived a harried and chaotic life by choice.  Now I find myself looking forward to the shorter days, the blanketed lawn, the fire in my fireplace, and a warm cup of tea.  I have learned to enjoy some parts of winter and accept it–for the most part–as part of my fabric, one of my seasons.  I know it will pass into longer, lighter days filled with warmth and flowers and much more color.  But for now I have learned not just to be content on most days, but to actually embrace the opportunity to slow down.

I hope you all have a great weekend.