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 We’ve made the news here in NW PA, apparently the national news.  Seems as though the weather predicted here was to be so astoundingly poor, we were thought to be newsworthy 🙂  A colleague of mine, several counties away, emailed me yesterday to ask how I was.  “Why do you ask?”, I replied.  “The weather,” she stated.  “You guys made the national news!”.  I glanced out my office window.  It was snowing, which it does here, pretty much, four to five months out of the year.  I laughed as I hit reply:  “Well, thanks for asking…but it looks pretty normal to me for December.”  Must’ve been a slow news day for the media.   

One of my employees also emailed me late Monday:  “Will the county being closing down tomorrow because of all the snow predictions?”  At this point, I admittedly pulled up the weather channel on my laptop.  Looking outside was apparently passe as a measure of…well, what was going on outside.  I pulled it up.  Indeed, a warning for Lake Effect Snow.  A possible additional 10 to 15 inches.  Satisfied that my instincts were correct, that this was no more than a typical winter’s day for our area, I returned to my email and hit reply once more:  “I don’t know,” I replied, “Let’s check tomorrow morning and see what happens.”  


I’m all for taking a snow day and first in line to check the news channel, like an eager 5th grader waiting for that wonderful announcement:  “Schools closed”.  I’ve got my sled slicked up and some cocoa stashed in the cupboard for just such a day.  But not today.  Today, it’s just cold and snowy.  And I’m pretty sure it will melt away at least once before it really slows us down for the winter.  

 For those of you not quite ready for prime time winter, some added spring sunshine in the form of my very favorite posies–the dandelion.  If they don’t warm you up, nothing will.  

 Have a great day!