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Gettin’ squirrelly, Shirley

I must confess, I am recycling some of the photos I have taken in the last few years, those left on the digital cutting room floor.  I’m giving them a second glance, partly because life is a little hectic right now and I’ve had little time to go out and shoot for the fun of it–plus, it is buck-a$$ cold.  So tonight, I sit in front of a blazing fire, playing with photos I missed the first time around while my greyhound sleeps next to me and my other furbaby…well, she is tearing up a paper towel on the floor beneath us for reasons known only to her….


There are times I look out the kitchen window and see four or five of these large fox squirrels.  I go through quite a bit of sunflower seed and, I assure you, fur and feathered customers rival one another in amounts of seeds consumed.  Doesn’t matter to me.  Squirrels have to eat, too–and then there are the crows, feeding first thing in the morning on the cup of peanuts I throw out for them (yes, I feed them on purpose) by the pond.  A family of four (was three last year)–one acts as a sentinel while the other three take turns scoring the peanuts.  If I haven’t put peanuts out by daybreak, they are cawing my name at the top of their lungs until they shame me into providing breakfast.

Its a squirrelly place, this life in the country.  But I totally love it.