Sometimes I like to fool with my images beyond the normal, cleaner processing.  I mess and I mess and I mess until something strikes me.  Such was this photo of David, my husband.  The original photo is nice enough, clean and clear, evoking a memory of a lovely vacation in Seattle a few anniversaries ago, where we found lots of fun riding the ferries back and forth across the Puget Sound.  

But this photo evokes something quite different from me, with relatively little to do with our time that week.  This is much more about the impressions I have of the person my husband is–focused, intent, fully engaged in whatever he’s taken on for the moment.  Someone with vision and someone who has my complete attention (most of the time).  Someone who is not so clear-cut in personality at times.  Someone who changes and grows right before my very eyes, not so crisp and clean but, rather, reshaping himself by the day.  Blurry and sometimes rough around the edges.  I am not sure who he is or who he going to be each day.  I am often surprised, still, to watch him unfold right before my very eyes.  To watch him suffer and recover and continue to recover in the span of the time we have been together is one of the most remarkable gifts I could ever have been given or allowed to witness. 

David, I suppose, is a gift of hope for me.  The impression of a person who struggles to be a better human being every day.  Not a more loving husband, I am sure, to be found.  

How blessed I am today.