Early morning is quiet time

 I shot this a few Easter mornings ago and, as I was cleaning out some of my files, this caught my eye.  I remember the morning so well–it was very cold, a holiday morning, and I wondered a lot about the man in the photo.  Was he enjoying some quiet time?  Doing something he really loved?  Or, perhaps, escaping from either the loneliness of an empty house on Easter morning or a spouse he would rather not awaken to. 

No matter the reason.  There he was, hearing only the lap of the waves and, likely the chatter of his own teeth.  Then again, there I was–out in the cold, camera in hand, all by myself.  Not escaping from anyone–likely thinking I wished I’d stayed in my warm bed with my husband.  But that which I also loved–capturing a bit of solitude and creativity in a park I love like no other–took me out of my warm, comfortable home for a bit. 

The season following the holidays brings with it such drastic weather, my natural inclinations kick in.  I want to hibernate.  Over the holiday week, my husband and I were both hit with a flu like no other.  Knocked us both flat on our backs.  It doesn’t take long for me to become complacent–I have not touched my running shoes for a few weeks, nor picked up my Canon to capture much of anything.  Rest is important, but if you sit for too long, it can become very difficult to get moving again. 

Time to get moving into a brand new year.  Cheers to all!