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David's hat, David's workbench

 Comfort appears in the oddest ways.  I am not sure what I like about this photo.  Surely it is not any technical prowess I demonstrate here in how to take a great photo.  Yet this captures for me a sense of home and comfort.  I took this through one of the window’s of our barn.  The window peers down into the basement area, where my husband keeps all of his lawn equipment and his workshop.  Just about anything could be on this particular workbench at any given moment.  Wrenches.  Cans of this and that.  Spiders (Eek!!).  And any number of gloves and hats my husband possesses, which I am certain at this time number in to the hundreds. 


I love pictures of pretty things.  I have a whole set of blogs I visit daily which relate to decorating and art.  I could look at those photos all day long.  I love sunsets and sunrises and animal photos.  But this is a photo which captures something so much more personal to me.  My husband.  In all his messy, workshop glory.  As comforting to me as a warm cup of coffee in front of a blazing fireplace.  How grateful am I?  Very.


Have a great weekend.