There’s quite a bit of beautiful snow outside and, yet, I can’t bring myself to go out and photograph it.  Heck, who am I kidding–I can’t bring myself to raise the blinds and shoot it from the window!  I’ve presently resigned myself to taking this as a sign that I need to cull through some photos that never quite made from the editing lab to my blog.  Oh, and I’m also resigned to the fact that I’m just being lazy.




See these trees?  They’re just coming in to bloom on a later spring day, outside, with those cool-warm temperatures I’ve come to be grateful for in my mid-years.  No extremes–too hot is yucky, too cold is fodder for an evening front of the fire and some warm soup.  I’m enjoying playing with some of my old pics.  Looking thru them usually awakens some sort of comforting memory for me.  I can smell the spring in this photo.


Can you smell spring yet?