Up the down staircase?

 I seem to go through periods in my professional life when I feel as though I am swirling up and down throughout my day.  Weeks seem neverending and issues insurmountable.  Of course, no issues are truly insurmountable–but faced with them one after another, it can become a little overwhelming.  I am sometimes not sure which way is up and which is down.

I seem to be in one of those cycles right now.  The real fear, of course, is that I will trip and plummet.  I have to hope and believe that, if that occurs, someone will be at the bottom to catch me.  The only other strategy I have, proven to me as a rock solid intervention for fear and anxiety, is to remember to face my calendar one day at time.

Here’s to staying in the moment, a reminder (to myself) to take those steps one at a time.