Don’t worry, this isn’t a picture of my new living room re-do (where I reveal my very bad decorating skills…). No, rather, this is my studio and workshop. It’s the upstairs of one of our smaller barns.

In the summer, I am fraught with large scary spiders (I always wear a hat), wasps, and temperatures above 90. Oh yes, and ants that like to bore through the wood.

Winter brings it’s own challenges–no heat (I just bought a propane heater, which helps)–but all my paints are frozen. I have to haul water up. I can’t create sawdust while I have the heater on because of the open flame (POOF!).

And yet, with nothing much I could do other than organize a few things, drink my coffee and page through some magazines, I spent a good few hours up here. Blasting the stereo with Hot August Nights, Neil Diamond and I sang our way into a zen-like state of relaxation.

I’m working on a re-education plan. Re-learning how to play, I hope. Not just relax, but really play–paints, papier mache, and–when the going gets tough–maybe even some finger paints. It’s very therapeutic.

Just like Neil Diamond.