I am

I am a (middle aged) woman, married to an adorable and loving husband. I have one stepdaughter and son-in-law, one stepson, and 3 fur-children (one feline, two canine). I work for the government, administering a public human services program.

I’m also a dabbler. Right now, I’m dabbling in photography–hence the blog. I’d like to dabble a lot more than I actually do, but I have to dabble at my real job to pay for the hobby.

QPB is a nickname my husband dubbed me with. It’s short for Queen-Princess-Baby.  I’m not sure why he calls me that.  I’m certain its complimentary… I also dabble in long distance backpacking, and look forward to taking a few trips each year. More on this later in the blog sometime.

QPB, the early years

QPB, the early years

4 thoughts on “I am”

  1. There you are. When you left your comments on my blog a few days ago, I had no idea where you blog or website was. Glad I was able to locate yours. Hope you continue to enjoy your interest in photography and blogging. Monte

    • Thank you. This is an interesting experience–I’m learning some new things and pushing myself in a direction I don’t usually push myself (putting pieces of my work outside of my own self). Therapeutic, I suppose. In any event, your blog is very nice, I enjoy your work, photos and writing.

  2. Don’t want you to think I’m a copy-cat but I really like your theme, primarily because the theme I’ve been using limits my image size and the Garland them will let me post images must a bit larger. I have been looking for something else for quite a while and will try it for a few days and see what I think.

  3. Well Monte, considering I was surfing around, looking for ideas and came upon your website, I am probably more the copy-cat than you! I liked the colors and presentation and had tried several themes myself. But yes, this does seem to allow for a bit larger picture post.

    I’ll be anxious to see what your blog looks like with the new theme.

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